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Outsourced Order Management Among Other Tasks

Stellar Restaurant Solutions Wins Outsourced Order Management Contract with Borriello Brothers Pizza Chain

Colorado restaurant chain to centralize pizza phone orders and payment processing by outsourcing to Stellar Restaurant Solutions.

Colorado Springs, CO, April 02, 2008 --( Stellar Restaurant Solutions, a leading provider of call center and online restaurant ordering services, today announced that they have signed a contract with Borriello Brothers, a New York style pizza chain in Colorado.

Under the terms of the outsourced restaurant ordering agreement, Stellar Restaurant Solutions will centrally manage phone orders and credit card payments for the pizza chain, allowing Borriello Brothers staff to focus on in-store food preparation and service.

The implementation of the pizza phone ordering service will also allow Borriello Brothers to merge their separate store phone numbers into one single contact number 719 884 2020 that can be used in all their advertising and promotions.

According to Rob Raia, owner of Borriello Brothers, “the specialized call center agents at Stellar Restaurant Solutions are like an extension of our business. They provide our customers with a high level of service on every single phone call and are trained to identify appropriate cross sell and up sell opportunities. This allows our in-store staff to just focus on face to face customer interactions and the preparation of our traditional New York style pizzas.”

Borriello Brothers chose Stellar Restaurant Solutions due to their restaurant ordering and management experience and their demonstrated expertise in managing complex call centre operations.

“The cost escalations in the pizza segment have been devastating over the past year. Increases from food to labor have taken their toll on this industry. Stellar Restaurant Solutions offers a way to improve sales and reduce costs at the same time,” said Steve Bigari, Chief Executive Officer of Stellar Restaurant Solutions.

The service will be operated from Stellar Restaurant Solutions’ dedicated restaurant ordering call center located in Colorado Springs, CO.

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Fast Food Restaurant Outsourcing Drive Through Order Taking

Fast-food restaurants begin outsourcing drive-through order-taking
By Jen Aronoff

McClatchy Newspapers (

McClatchy Newspapers (MCT) - That crackling voice taking your order at a fast food drive-through may come from a lot farther away than the restaurant: Try Texas, or even overseas.

San Diego-based Jack in the Box has tested outsourced drive-through order-taking since mid-2008 at seven of its 30 Charlotte, N.C.-area restaurants. Spokeswoman Kathleen Anthony declined to specify the locations, though workers at the Cotswold restaurant in Charlotte recently said it uses the system.

The technology is intended to improve speed, accuracy and service, freeing up restaurant employees to process orders, accept payment and address other needs, Anthony said. The chain has not reduced staffing as a result of the remote order-taking, and the restaurants can turn the system on and off as they wish, she said.

Still, it's piqued curiosity among local customers who have encountered heavy accents with order-takers, then rounded the bend to find different people handing them food.

"I had noticed it (several months ago), but I just thought the person taking the order was somewhere else in the store where we couldn't see them," said Elizabeth Banks, a Charlotte teacher and mother of three who takes her 15-year-old daughter and her daughter's friends to Jack in the Box for Oreo milkshakes most Friday afternoons. "It never occurred to me they might be out of the country."

At one point the girls asked the order-taker, "Where are you?" There was a pause, Banks recalled. Then, the person on the other end said, "Texas."

"I really don't think that's where they were," Banks said.

The Jack in the Box test orders are routed to a Texas call center operated by Bronco Communications, a company specializing in fast food order-taking, Anthony said. Some may be routed outside the U.S., she said, but she wouldn't specify where.

Companies began trying remote ordering in 2005. As with outsourcing in other industries, technological advances _ namely high-speed Internet _ made it possible. When customers pull up to the menu, a call center worker takes the order on a computer. The order pops up on a screen inside the restaurant.

Even where people have grown accustomed to seeing bank and computer questions directed overseas, international order-taking is rare in the realm of cheeseburger combos and large Cokes, said Sherri Daye Scott, editor of QSR Magazine, dedicated to the quick-service restaurant industry.

A greater number of restaurants, including McDonald's and Wendy's franchisees, have tried centralized order-takers within the United States. None has introduced the technology nationally, in part because they've found it difficult to prove it saves money, Scott said. The parent company of Hardee's has conducted a limited test, too.

Other chains said they have not tried it and don't plan to at this point, including Burger King and Taco Bell, spokespersons for both said.

The technology has the potential to eliminate language barriers between Spanish-speaking employees and English-speaking customers, said Kate Mosteller, marketing director of Massachusetts-based Exit 41, which focuses on off-site order taking. Yet time zones and regional dialects can also present hurdles.

"You want someone who's friendly and articulate and who can understand ... different nuances," Mosteller said. "(Otherwise) you're going to know you're (being routed) somewhere else, and that's exactly what you don't want to do."

Jack in the Box's Anthony declined to discuss the results of the Charlotte trial, noting that the company doesn't speak in depth about its tests. "It is something we're testing, not something we're necessarily committed to at this point," she said.

Though the local run is wrapping up soon, Jack in the Box will continue to try the approach in other markets "here and there," Anthony said.

Customers such as Banks say the system can sound a bit distant: After all, fast-food order takers aren't always the easiest to hear even when they're around the corner, let alone around the world. But it hasn't posed any other issues, and the speakers are very polite. Then again, Banks said, that was the case with the old method, too.

"It would be nice to understand what the rationale was behind (the change)," she said. "It seems like an awful lot of trouble."

Even so, she noted, it hasn't bothered her family so much that they've stopped visiting for milkshakes. "We just kind of laugh about it when we go through there: 'Oh, there's a guy in 'Texas' again.' "


When I pulled into the Cotswold Jack in the Box drive-through on a recent evening, I was greeted by a woman's voice that sounded chipper and hyper-polite, yet slightly far away and delayed, with an accent that seemed Indian. She politely took my order for a combo meal, which I ordered by number to speed the process.

As she repeated the order before sending me on my way, something seemed off; I looked up at the screen and realized she'd typed in the wrong meal by one number. I pointed out the error and she quickly corrected it; anyone can mishear a fast food order, whether on the other side of the building or the world. Then, she thanked me and wished me a good night. No "please pull around," though.

Once I arrived at the window, I asked the cashier if the restaurant had outsourced its order-taking, and she said it had. But the cashier was also wearing a headset. I was confused, but she explained that employees in the restaurant can still hear the orders; they just don't take them. Sure enough, as I waited for my food, I heard other customers' voices piped into the food preparation area.

But, I asked, if that's the case, why not just take the orders at the restaurant? The cashier didn't know. Maybe, she speculated, the company just wanted to create some more jobs.

For the record, my food arrived smoothly, just as it had at the two other, non-outsourced Jack in the Box drive-throughs I visited. But the customer experience was definitely stranger _ by thousands of miles.

_ Jen Aronoff

© 2009, The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, N.C.)


Restaurants are outsourcing non cooking tasks to improve efficiency. Kitchen staff performs better when they are being asked to cook and cook only. Cutting edge restaurant managers seeking to produce a better product with motivated employees are finding ways to motivate those employees with something other than salary increases.

Non cooking related tasks are being increasingly outsourced to keep the kitchen cooking, not taking orders or menial tasks such as cleaning.

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Restaurant Cleaning Outsourced

An Amazing Service for Any Restaurant

Cleaning is something that many people hate doing. It involves rolling up your sleeves and picking up dirty and diseased trash. You have to scrub down toilets that look like they have been in horror movies. Worst of all, you have to spend your time dealing with problems that can be outsourced to another company. This company will make sure that all your worries about keeping your restaurant clean are put to rest. For any sensible restaurant owner, restaurant cleaning outsourcing is the smart choice.

New York Restaurant outsources cleaning to Janitor Service

One of the most common areas of your restaurant that you will have dozens of customers in is your dining room. Customers come in, enjoy their meals and leave. However, the dirt, grime, and disease that they bring does not leave quite that easily. Many restaurant owners are surprised when they see how much of a mess that their dining room is in after it has not been cleaned for two to three days. They will then bring in a janitor or clean the entire dining room by themselves. This can take a few hours. You do not want to have to spend this time after you have already been working all day. Luckily, you do not have to spend your valuable time cleaning up other people's messes. Instead, you can spend your time on your restaurants food quality, and customer service. Hiring a professional janitorial service for your restaurant cleaning outsourcing is the smartest decision that you can make about your business.

Another common problem area of homes, businesses, and restaurants is the rest room. Many of your customers are going to want to wash up before they have a meal. However, after a few dozen customers use your rest room facilities, they can start to look pretty bad. Now imagine the results at the end of the day. Luckily, a professional cleaning crew can make sure that your rest rooms will look spotless by the next morning. They will pick up any paper towel on the ground, remove the trash from the trash can, clean the toilets, wash down the sinks, mop the floor and even put in new rolls of toilet paper. Now if a restaurant owner decided that he or she would do all of this, it could take them the better part of an hour of their very valuable time. However, this service is included in the very tiny fee that you would pay to a professional cleaning service.

Restaurant cleaning outsourcing is one of the best things that can be done for a restaurant. Not only will it help the restaurant's employees spend more time on food, but it reduces your time cleaning. You do not have to roll up your sleeves and clean your own business! Instead, you spend your valuable time helping your customers and ensuring that only the highest quality food is served to them. Now would you really rather be scrubbing a toilet rather than watching your customers reaction to a well cooked meal? I don't think so!

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What makes a janitorial service different?

What makes a janitorial service different?

Janitorial services seem similar but they are separated by; powerful management tools, efficient cleaning solutions, years of experience, number of buildings with commercial cleaning and maintenance services, efficiency of cleaning, eco-friendly chemicals; chemical mixing centers; vacuum filtration systems; light weight, maneuverable equipment; and ongoing equipment investment , experience in multiple commercial, institutional, high tech and retail industries, best; lowest cost commercial cleaning service supplies and equipment ; stringent hiring and selection processes; company values, competitive compensation, performance-based recognition, extensive training, and advancement opportunities result in greater service and longer customer relationships, regional coverage and experience in many, commercial and institutional to high tech and retail industries.

Environmentally friendly cleaning programs, supplies and equipment are the best commercial cleaning and maintenance service systems at the lowest cost and are the best measure of a commercial cleaning service. Commercial buildings and maintenance systems must facilitate communication, increase worker productivity, and integrate processes that are accessible 24/7, 365 days per year.

The Operations Department administers all functions and makes it easy to outsource commercial buildings cleaning and maintenance.

The Director of Operations is responsible for the outcomes of daily cleaning and maintenance services and has authority to do whatever it takes to satisfy the client’s needs.
The Director of Operations can be reached 7 days a week and visits sites several times every week.

Operations Managers are responsible for nighttime building inspections and
on-site training.

On-Site Supervisors are responsible for customer
accounts and provide detailed reports to Operations Managers, updating cleaning,
maintenance and safety reports to regularly ensure customer accounts are
maintained to written specifications. Supervisors can make corrections on the
site but changes must report changes to the Operations Managers and the Director
of Operations.

A reputation of working hard; high performance and one of integrity is required for commercial buildings cleaning and maintenance teams to get the project done on time. Focus on what customers’ need…reliable building cleaning and maintenance solutions.
While it is important to understand each facility’s environment has different needs, so is listening carefully to get the specifications and requirements right at every job site.

Buyers can choose low priced, cheap cleaning and maintenance solutions but…“cheap is expensive”… when cleaning and maintenance projects are not executed properly and have to be redone. Skilled employees who want long careers are required. All employees should work in safe environments working conditions and long careers. There are no safety shortcuts.

Care of building and residential facilities cleaning and maintenance services should almost never go to the lowest bidder…a commercial and residential facilities cleaning and maintenance services partnership should recognize the value every business facility and home can receive.

Commercial Building Maintenance uses strict quality control procedures and inspections at scores of locations supported by liability, property, casualty and surety insurance. Commercial Building Maintenance commercial cleaning services are driven by quality management systems. It’s more than mopping floors; janitorial services consider environmental concerns and new technologies combining technology with years of experience. This cleaning and maintenance experience can provide a range of custom solutions based on each facilities needs across a multiplicity of locations.

Facilities cleaning and maintenance work goes on at multiple sites, 24/7, 365-days a year. If multiple services are needed in multiple regions – we’ll provide across-the-board expertise for commercial cleaning and maintenance services and the related services needed in local, regional or national contract Contracts should explain what to expect from Commercial Buildings Maintenance services and include pricing based on specifications , requirements and expectations; eliminating costs wherever possible.

The quality and value added benefits of commercial cleaning and maintenance service include a range of services; green cleaning; customized planning, technical services, advanced safety and training programs; leadership and manpower - employees who are exquisitely trained - wear distinctive uniforms - use green cleaning products and equipment to do each job right. The quality of ALL work is reinforced through inspections, detailed record keeping, and reporting.What are examples of Commercial Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services

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Why Restaurants Would Outsource Cleaning

Why hire outside commercial cleaning in your restaurant?

Customers will know the difference.

Before ever sitting down to eat, let alone being served, diners take in their surroundings when they walk into a restaurant. It could be their first visit or their hundredth, they could be aiming for a nice family dinner or quick, satisfying bite while traveling; regardless, beyond the décor, these guests will notice something far more important: the cleanliness.

Cleanliness can make or break the reputation of the restaurant, and yet typically little time goes into training restaurant employees on proper cleaning methods, and few establishments hire commercial cleaning companies because they don’t realize the benefit they can bring.

Hired as servers, cooks, hosts and hostesses, the employees are expected to know how to clean. Cleaning becomes something employers pass off as general knowledge, something everyone should know how to do because everyone has had experience cleaning, to some degree.

But what if it were someone’s job to clean, and they were trained specifically to clean thoroughly, to know how to inspect their areas, and to do the best job that could be done? Imagine that person was trained to know the difference between various cleaning products, which ones to use, which ones work best, and how to properly use them to get their full benefits?

Not things the chef need worry about. Let’s face it, what chef wants to go from sautéing a dish of vegetables to dabbling through bottles of cleaner? What hostess, excelling at being friendly to customers and making them feel at home, wants to finish off work each night scrubbing the floors, a solitary, repetitive job that doesn’t fit their personality?

The guests, if it were up to them, probably wouldn’t want it that way, and yet most restaurant owners and managers assume that’s the way it should be. Some have wised up to realize they can hire outside commercial cleaning services to take the burden off their own employees. Not to mention, hired commercial cleaners are guaranteed to do a better job.

Commercial cleaning employees make it their job to clean thoroughly (after all, that’s what they're there to do -- not serve food or drinks), but, and sometimes more importantly, they also know how to clean items that your everyday person has no idea how to attempt, like scary food stains and oils.

And let’s not forget the food critics.

Points get knocked immediately if your restaurant isn't up to par, and that always includes cleanliness.

We’re taught from a young age that it’s OK to ask for help, and then we have to re-learn it later in life. It’s typical to expect a lot from an employee, even at minimum wage -- and high turnover rates are typical, too, in the restaurant business especially -- which, of course, leads to more money spent on hiring and training new employees. Restaurant managers can hand them the mop, but every time that will mean biting off more than they can chew.

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Virginia Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning Services for Virginia

Whether your place of business in Virginia employs ten or ten thousand, chances are you can benefit from one of the many commercial cleaning services in your local area. Commercial cleaning services can be found in every city, in every state, and even in every country. Chances are, if you open your local Virginia phone book, you will find page after page of cleaning service listings. In fact, all the options may very well be overwhelming.

Anyone who needs help cleaning their office or place of business can benefit from commercial cleaning services. A business has a hard time attracting customers, or even new employees, when the place is not tidy and free of trash and other items that a cleaning service can help with. Even if you work in a very small office in Virginia, you will find that having a cleaning service come in once a week will come in handy and will save you the time you have been spending on cleaning it yourself.

If you run a business in Virginia and you have been cleaning it yourself, or having other employees clean things, and things just do not look as good as they could, it’s time to get the help of a Virginia commercial cleaning service. They don’t have to come in every day; you can have them come in once a week or once every couple of weeks, so it is an expense you can afford while keeping your office clean and appealing to both your staff and your clients.

What is a business cleaning service?
Commercial office cleaning janitorial services are professionals that traditionally sends a crew or individual out to your site in order to clean the office or business.

Virginia cleaning outsourcing

If you need business cleaning service:
» To come in after you close to tidy up.
» To create a clean atmosphere to start the day.
» To keep your staff productive by not having to worry about cleaning.
» To make life easier on you.
» To keep your office clean and consistent.
then you consider commercial office cleaning companies.

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Green Clean


Green Cleaning, an Intro

What It Is, and How to Make the Most of Your Eco-Options

Green cleaning is not a new concept. The idea of saving money and limiting the amount of harsh chemicals allowed in the home has always had some appeal, but with the ever-increasing popularity of eco-friendly products, we are seeing more and more eco-cleaners on store shelves.

DIY Green Cleaning

Common household items can be very successful cleaners if you know how to make the most of them. The basic natural cleaning kit contains items like cornstarch, castile soap, and even borax.

While some of these materials can be dangerous if not used with care, they are considered much less hazardous than ingredients found in most conventional cleaning products.

Three Key Ingredients

Baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice are often overlooked as the powerful natural cleaners they are. These items actually are the most commonly used green cleaning agents, and you'll usually find at least one in most eco-friendly cleaning recipes.

Buy Green: Green Cleaners

Frugal-minded consumers have been using household items to create their own natural cleaners for years. But even though homemade cleaners work well, they're not as convenient as many people would like. Fortunately, the market for eco-friendly cleaners has grown tremendously in pas years and your options for green cleaners are better than ever.

More on Healthy Home

10 Houseplants that Filter Indoor AirHealthy Home TipsQuiz: How Healthy is Your Home?

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Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Commercial Carpet Cleaning for homes and business facilities.

When you share your home with children and pets, carpets often start to look aged and dingy before their time. Luckily, with a few simple carpet cleaning tips, the like new look of your carpet can be maintained for years to come, no matter the spills, accidents and uh-ohs that happen when animals and children are involved.

Professional Office Cleaning

Tip 1: Vacuuming. Vacuuming is something you probably already do regularly, but if not, know that regular vacuuming will greatly extend the life of your carpet. Vacuuming at least once a week will keep the heaviest dirt from being ground into the carpet and causing dinginess. However, for a more effective solution, take some time and evaluate the traffic patterns through the carpeted areas of your house. Is there a spot where the dog likes to lay, or a path the children run from room to room? Giving these high-traffic area a quick once over with your vacuum cleaner every day or so will keep the wear from showing up as quickly.

Tip 2: Child-related stains. When you've got young children in the home, spills are bound to happen. Juice, food, paint and all kinds of other things will surely find their way to your carpet. The most essential thing to remember when dealing with spills and stains is that the faster you can treat it, the better. Use a standard carpet cleaner to treat the spot as soon as you notice it. Follow the instructions on the package of the carpet cleaner closely and pay attention to the type of stain you're dealing with. Some carpet cleaners work especially well on organic stains, such as fruit juice or food, while other cleaners are designed to remove things like melted wax or paint. Keep a couple of different carpet cleaners on hand so that you're ready for any accident.

Tip 3: Pet accidents. No matter how well trained your cats and dogs are, the occasional accident does happen. Not only accidents, but some more territorial pets are prone to marking their territory. In this case, again, it is important to treat the area as soon as you notice the stain. You do not want to give the pet urine time to settle down into the pad beneath the carpet, as this will make removing odors much more difficult. Visit your favorite pet store and look for a carpet cleaner specifically designed for pet stains. There are enzymes in these carpet cleaners that break down the offensive material and eliminate both the stain and the odor. Not only will this keep lasting damage from happening, it will also prevent the pet from marking the same area over and over again.

After Hours Janitor Service - Commercial Building Maintenance

Tip 4: Steam cleaners. With regular vacuuming and quick treatment of stains, your carpet will stay in good shape for the most part. However, for some more difficult stains or stains that had a chance to set before you could reach them, a professional carpet cleaning machine is in order. A carpet cleaning machine can be rented from many local grocery stores, and there are even some personal carpet cleaning machines that make sense for individual purchase. The combination of steam and industrial grade cleaning solutions is sometimes what is needed to get rid of those persistent stains. Additionally, make it a habit to go over your whole carpet, especially those high traffic areas, once every month to two months with a professional carpet cleaning machine. These machines will bring up deep, ground in dirt that has settled into the carpet, instantly renewing the look and feel of the rug.

Tip 5: Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies: If you've moved into a new home with carpets that are a bit more dingy than you would like, or if you'd like to attempt to revitalize your old carpet rather than purchase an entire new one, look into the possibility of having a professional carpet cleaning company come out to your home. Your local yellow pages will have many listings for these types of companies. Be sure to get several quotes and ask about multi-room discounts. If you have been considering replacing your carpets, do yourself a favor and instead have a company come out for professional cleaning. The cost is much less than installing new carpeting, and you'll be amazed at how fresh and new your carpets will look.

Whether you're starting with brand new carpets or simply trying to extend the life of your current carpets, these tips will help keep them looking as fresh and new as the day you bought them. Most importantly, vacuum high traffic areas often, treat kid and pet stains as quickly as you can, and when all else fails, consider a professional carpet cleaning.

About The Author

Jim Thornton has been cleaning carpets for many years. In that time many methods of carpet cleaning have been used but the best results have been achieved using dry foam extraction. For more information go to

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