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Effective Cleaning in Maryland

6 Keys to More Effective Cleaning

By: Steve Hanson
Sometimes custodial workers are in such a hurry to get the job done that they're not cleaning properly, or they're working too hard to get things cleaned. That's because they're not letting the tools and chemicals they're using do most of the work. Below are 6 keys to Maryland residential and commercial cleaning more effectively, without wasting more time or energy in the process.

1. Taking advantage of time. Many cleaning chemicals need time to work, so if you just spray and wipe, the area may not be properly cleaned or disinfected. Read the directions on the label to see if the chemical needs dwell time in order to kill germs or loosen soil so you can more easily remove it from the surfact you're cleaning.

2. Using the wrong chemical for the job. If you have greasy build-up on a stovetop, using an all-purpose cleaner may be the wrong choice because you'll have to work much harder to get it clean. Choosing a degreaser or citrus cleaner that can break through the grease is a much better solution.

3. Agitation. Sometimes just spraying and wiping won't get the job done properly. You may need a little more "elbow grease", or you may need better equipment to clean more effectively. If you have a ceramic tile floor with dirty grout, you'd be better off using a slow speed floor machine with a good cleaning chemical and a nylo-grit brush in order to agitate the soil so it can be more easily removed. This is much more effective than trying to do it by hand with a grout brush.

4. Temperature. Some cleaning chemicals work best with hot water, and some work best in cool water. Be sure to read the directions to find out what water temperature you should be using when diluting the cleaning chemical.

5. Ventilation. When cleaning floors or carpets, ventilation is important to make sure the surfaces dry quickly. If floor surfaces are allowed to stay damp, you could be creating additional problems like growth of mold and mildew.

6. Soil removal. Some cleaning tools like feather dusters don't remove soil, they just spread it around. Likewise, using vacuum cleaners without sealed bags or Hepa filters can spread soil that was just vacuumed up out into the air again. So removing soil is key to cleaning more effectively.

Think about the tools and procedures you use to clean. Is there equipment that you can use to make the job easier and more efficient? Are you using the cleaning chemicals according to the directions on the label? If not, consider the above tips and start cleaning more effectively.

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